Nowadays building nodejs API in the browser is so easy with Glitch and you can also be hosted for free. I'm a big fan of this tool and using glitch API into my projects. You don't need to install any tools, you just need a browser with the internet.

Let's start in short.

  • Create an account here
  • Create New Project
  • Select hello-express template.

New Project

So, after creating a new express project you will see that view. this has all features in a single window.

Now go to server.js file and replace with this basic code.

const express = require("express");
const app = express();

app.get("/", function(request, response) {
    response.send({message: "Glitch is so powerful. 💪"})

const listener = app.listen(process.env.PORT, function() {
    console.log("Your app is listening on port " + listener.address().port);

There is only one GET route that / and you can use your nodejs APIs with glitch sub-domain url. https://<project_name>

Let's make an simple POST route where we send some data and will return as JSON. Add this new code snippts into server.js"/say-hello", function(request, response) {
    const {name, message} = request.query
    response.send({name, message})

If you send data as query params then you will recive into request.query & if you send into body then you will get through request.body.

Now test POST call into Postman tool. URL: https://<project_name>

Make Post call

Here is the complete code URL.!/glitch-nodejs-api

Here I'm listing all the features that will be useful to build and debug your nodejs APIs.

You can:

  • Make your glitch project private.
  • Remix your glitch project into a new project.
  • Invite others to edit your project.
  • Embed the project into your portfolio website.
  • Live view your project with a glitch endpoint. Ex: https://<project_name>
  • Format the files with one click.
  • View your APIs logs into the browser.
  • Import/Export into git.
  • Custom Domain.

Yes, it's all free for you to build your project, learn & experiment. it's really fun to build things with no hassle.

Thanks for reading my noob style tutorial. I hope this will help you to know something new. So, if you have suggestions and feedback about this post then let me know.